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Short, colorful apps and games you can teach your students at any age! Chromebook, PC, Mac and Linux!

# this course is developed with 7+ years of extensive work in the field of STEM training. I have trained students from 6yrs of age till 22 yrs. I have incorporated all my learnings in the teaching methodology in this course, to make it easy, fun & result oriented.

This Course is divided in 3 Parts

  1. Block Based Programming (it has 6 different Courses)
  2. Moving from Block Based programming to Text Based Programming (it has 1 course)
  3. Text Based programming (it has 2 different Courses)

PART-1: Block Based programming – Here we will learn concepts of Programming with easy drag & drop software. Here are the 6 courses we will cover in this part

1. Learning basics of Programming by generation of Visual Designs

  • 3D Design – Program and build 3D shapes & patterns
  • 3D Printing – Learn to 3D print the designs built

2. Application of programming

  • Electronics Programming, Control & Simulation – Working with 2 Electronic Chips
  • Robotics Programming, Control & Simulation – Programming Lego, Arduino

3. SCRATCH Programming & Gaming

  • Learn basics of programming through movement of sprites
  • Build application like Quiz & Calculator using Scratch
  • Build animations & Stories using Scratch
  • Build Games using scratch Programming

4. Developing games with a Professional Game Engine – CONSTRUCT 3

  • Learn the Game engine & build your own interactive games
  • Build 3 very interesting Games with ease

5. Web Designing with WORDPRESS

  • Build a real website
  • Make the website live with 0 budget

6. ROBOTICS with Arduino – (no hardware reqd)

  • Basics of Electricity
  • LED Projects – Circuit Building & Programming
  • Motor Projects – Circuit Building & Programming
  • Sensors & robotics – Circuit Building & Programming

PART -2 : Moving from Block Based programming to Text Based Programming – Here we will learn to shift to text programming using turtle graphics programming with python.

7. Moving from Scratch to Python – TURTLE programming

  • Learn the analogy in Scratch & Python
  • Build various shapes in python

PART -3 : Text Based programming – Here we will learn to build applications by writing text programs. We will learn it through

8. PYTHON Programming

  • Learn various Programming concepts like loops, variables, conditional statements & data types.
  • Build mathematical applications like student grade calculator.
  • Build numerical applications like number series, calculator etc.

9. HTML & CSS Programming

  • Build website using HTML programming
  • Style the website using CSS Coding

#Learn Risk Free –  30-days money-back guarantee.

What you will learn ??

  • Learn Scratch Programming
  • Learn Scratch Gaming
  • Transition from Scratch to Python
  • Python Programming
  • HTML & CSS Programming
  • 3D Designing, 3D Printing
  • Electronic Chips Control
  • Robotics Programming through Arduino & Lego
  • Learn Math fundamentals through Programming & Gaming
  • Drag & Drop based software to learn programming easily

Learn to create Technology through Programming

  • Build various 3D shapes & print them on 3D printer using Programming
  • Learn to build 2D games on Scratch
  • Learn to build various 2D shapes on Python
  • Control Electronics & Robotics Devices
  • Learn various mathematical operations with Python
  • Learn other programming fundamentals through Scratch Programming
  • Create Website using HTML CSS programming
  • Design Website using WordPress

Learn the Engineering & Math

  • You will learn different programming concepts in an easy way like
    • Loops – For & While
    • Conditional Statements – If & else
    • Using variables
    • Data Types
  • Sounds boring but you’ll love the way Maths concepts are explained in the course like
    • Number lines
    • X Y Z axes
    • 3D objects (Cube, Cuboid, Pipe, Tubes etc.)
    • 2D objects (Square, Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon, Circle)
    • Natural numbers
    • Squares / cubes
    • Finding Area / Perimeter
    • Building math Calculators in Scratch & Python

What Will I Learn?

  • Master various Programming concepts with ease & fun and apply them on more than 10 software
  • Create interactive applications like Quiz systems & Calculators using Scratch programming
  • Construct 3 - Learn the Professional Game Engine and build real interactive games - like platformer & Tank Fights
  • Create applications to build 2D / 3D Shapes & Patterns through Programming
  • Build very interesting Games using Scratch
  • Create Animations & Stories using simple programming concepts
  • Python : Build various shapes using Turtle graphics
  • Build numerous mathematical applications with advanced Python Programming like Student Grades Calculator, number series etc.
  • Create a website using HTML coding & style the website using CSS concepts
  • Build & Design a Website using Wordpress
  • Take your website live for free, use various themes & plugins for Wordpress
  • Learn Circuit Building - LED's Motors, Sensors, Robots
  • Program Electronics Chips - Arduino, Chibichip

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  • You only need a computer and enthusiasm to learn something new

Target Audience

  • Kids age 7 yrs and above
  • Parents & Teachers
  • STEM Trainers & Educators
  • Anybody planning to start a STEM / Coding / robotics Center
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